Why did we start Strumm? Our Story...

As a kid, our founder took guitar lessons from a local family music shop. His guitar teacher, Tony, was the son of the owner and is the reason he finally found something to do as a kid that he could stick with. When his family moved he wasn’t able to find an instructor that kept him as captivated as Tony did.

Finding a new guitar instructor was hard. Each teacher had their own style of playing and teaching that only became apparent after many lessons. It shouldn't be this way. Prospective students should know how instructors teach, how they play, and the success or failure of their students.

So we built Strumm.

With Strumm, you can do your research on instructors before signing up for lessons. We also provide resources for instructors so they can focus on teaching their students, such as billing, scheduling, and finding new students.

Together, we can make the world more musical.

Strumm's mission: Let musicians share their talent with students.